TV in the Bedroom?

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It’s the age old question that has divided couples in their opinions for centuries. And by centuries I mean as long as TVs have been around.

But for real, it’s something that has to be agreed upon together and I think it’s a very important topic that should be discussed whenever you plan on moving in with your spouse. So, without further ado…

Do you think a TV belongs in the bedroom of a couple who lives together?

Here’s the thing, I don’t believe in having a TV in the bedroom but PJ loves it. His favorite thing to do is to lay in bed at night at watch our programs or movies while cuddling in a “comfy, cozy, warm bed” as he puts it. Meanwhile,  I like sitting on the couch to watch it, as I believe the bedroom is a place for sleeping and talking and spending time together- conversing about your day or your plans for the future or what ya’ll should make for dinner tomorrow.

The thing is, we even have a sort of sitting room that leads into our bedroom! It has a love seat with an ottoman and is the perfect spot for a TV. I have been campaigning ever since I moved in to put the TV in there with no success. Just one of those things we disagree on, I guess. It’s not a make or break disagreement, but I am curious as to what ya’ll think?

Tell us your opinion below so we can see who the winner is what ya’lls thoughts on the matter are!


One thought on “TV in the Bedroom?

  1. EOJinDC says:

    One of the best things my husband and I did was get the TV out of the bedroom. He liked having one. I didn’t. However, we had to make a few adjustments:
    1. We had to get a new, comfy couch and warm, fluffy blankts for watching TV and cuddling in the living room.
    2. We decided to have a set bedtime and went to bed together.
    3. I had to put away all my gadgets (phone, laptop, iPad, etc.)

    We became closer, and the bedroom became a sanctuary. It was our special place. The quality of our sleep improved. Our romantic life was better than ever. Were together 11 years and married for nine. We both read more, and we sometimes used that time to talk about our future and to share ideas and plans.

    Of course we had bad days. Sometimes we would go to bed without talking, but we always kept our bed time. There were nights when we slept with our backs to each other. Some mornings we woke up in the same positions. Other mornings we woke up cuddling.

    No TV worked for us. Try it for a month, and see how it goes. If y’all don’t like it, you can always try something different. I lost my husband in 2012. I still keep our bedtime, and there’s no TV in my bedroom. Our bedtime was one of my favorite things about our life together.


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