Bedroom Update

So the last time we talked about our bedroom there was a poll taken and to our surprise, the results were dead even. Like, we couldn’t have planned that better. No one loses!

The votes were consistently even almost the entire time, actually. It was fun to get ya’lls input on it, and we even got a really cool comment from a guy giving us his opinion on why he didn’t think the TV should be in the bedroom. In the end, though…..

There is currently no TV in our bedroom. We thought we would try it out and so far it has been great! We’ll admit, watching TV would be a whole lot more enjoyable with a more comfortable couch but we plan on upgrading in the future. For now, though, it’s nice having a designated, separate spot to watch our programs and relax, buried beneath blankets and dogs. 

That’s right, we said dogs. We may or may not have added an addition to our family! 😁 More about her in the next post. For now, we just wanted to give yall an update on the current bedroom situation and if that changes anytime soon, you know you’ll be the first to know. 


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