House Hunt Saturday

Can we all agree that spending an entire day looking at houses to potentially buy is the best kind of day? We did just that this past Saturday and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. 


We looked at four different houses, which is a record, even for us. The weird thing is that they were all ranch style homes which is a big departure for us from our usual bungalow-loving preference. So, let’s start with the first house, shall we?


 We weren’t able to go inside it but we got a pretty good feel for it. It needs a ton of work, though, so we are calling this one the major fixer upper.

Next we went to see a house one street up from this one. It’s the first time it’s been on the market and while it was huge and had a lot of potential, we think it might be better suited for another couple.



Didn’t this house remind you of Mad Men a little bit? We don’t think it’s been updated since that era.

Up next we have a very different house. For one, it was about 20 minutes from town which we weren’t crazy about, but we kind of justified that logic by thinking that it could be a sort of a weekend getaway house. We said we could imagine getting off work on Friday, loading up on groceries, and heading out to our little treehouse. You’ll see what we mean once you see these pictures: 



Cool though, right? It was extremely enchanting, like we imagined lights strung from the trees and lighting bugs dancing all around the side of the house. We ultimately decided against it because the next house we buy is going to be one we actually move into, plus we want to be closer to town/our moms. 

So the last house isn’t actually a house but a condo. It doesn’t look like one on the inside, though. And wait until you see this guy’s antique collection! He had the most amazing furniture that we wanted to purchase more than the actual house. Check it out:



And then there was this sunroom that definitely had something fishy about it. 


Yeah that was a bad pun. But look at that room! Can someone tell us what the appeal is? We just aren’t hooked on it. Okay we’ll stop. 😏

So that just about covers it. What do ya’ll think? Which one is your favorite? We haven’t shown you guys our favorite house yet which we saw for the second time tonight. Who knows, we might just make an offer on that one. As usual, we’ll keep you updated! 


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