Our Trip to Vegas

We had so much fun on our short, but AMAZING trip to Las Vegas. It seemed to be the best weekend to be there, too, because there was so much going on! There was Rock In Rio music festival, which was huge because it was the first time it was held in the U.S., and there was of course the Billboard Music Awards. They were held inside the MGM Grand, where we were staying. Too bad we left the morning before they began. 

The best part is that Zedd, which is the whole reason we won tickets to go in the first place, didn’t even perform. We were cheap so we chose not to take a taxi and walked the 2.2 miles from our hotel to the club he was supposed to perform at, only to find a little sign that was probably printed on Microsoft Word telling us he wouldn’t be there that day. We weren’t too upset, though, so we laughed it on and walked back. 

All together it was a blast and we want to thank 103.7 Kiss FM once again for this wonderful opportunity! Here is our trip in pictures:


And soon we were back home with our girls and back to reality and our world resumed and honestly we were perfectly okay with that. 


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