The Red House

Remember when we originally posted about those houses we went to a couple of months ago and then we briefly mentioned one of them again a couple of weeks ago?

Well, as of yesterday, we are officially home owners of the red house at the end of the street!


Some quick facts:

  • It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
  • It is around 2200 square feet
  • Built in 1960
  • On a dead end (no neighbors to our right!)
  • The house came with another lot which means we finally have land for our German Shepards to run around on
  • The greenway will eventually run on the street below, right in front of the house
  • We ended up getting an amazing deal on it
  • We are in love

Once the papers were signed and the house officially became ours, it was demo time. We wasted no in tackling the first thing we could: the kitchen.

This is what it looked like a few months ago, when we first toured the house:

And by the end of the night, it looked like this:

We were so tired by the end of day two that we completely forgot to take pictures of even MORE of the progress we made. Picture what you see above just less lower cabinets, as in none at all, and no wood panels. We wanted to try and save them and just paint them white but the more we worked on it the more apparent it became that that wasn’t gonna happen. Oh well.

We will post a house tour pretty soon so you guys can actually picture what we are talking about, but for now it’s time to pas out. We are looking forward to the next few months and making this house a home!



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