House Tour

Don’t you hate it when you have all of these plans and you’re so excited about them and then none of them get completed? Well that happened this past week. In the last post we mentioned how excited we were about a lot of things that were supposed to get done this week but, if we know anything about home renovations, it’s that contractors are very, very busy and sometimes get behind. 

So, in the meantime, it just occurred to us that we have never done an official house tour! The photos below were taken months ago before we even made an offer on the house and keep in mind this baby hasn’t been touched since probably the 70’s. Without further ado:
Living Room    
Entry/Dining Room  Dining Room  
Breakfast Nook    
Hallway to Master Bedroom  Master Bedroom  
Master Bath  Hall Bath  
Future Office    
Guest Bedroom #1    
Guest Bedroom #2    
Guest Bath     
  Hallway Looking Into Living Room  
Hallway From The Living Room
And that’s all, folks! We can’t wait to see the after and we can’t wait to share it with ya’ll. And we can officially confirm that we did get a lot accomplished today and hope to get much more done this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!



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