Around Here Lately

There have been lots of little updates around the house this past week. Nothing too huge, but still blog worthy we feel.

First there was the removal of the pointless door that closed off the hallway from the living room.

At first we liked it because it was kind of weird and quirky and it really did block noise coming from the living room that might be heard from the bedrooms, but we ultimately decided it made more sense for it to just be an open hallway. 

So we removed the trim and the door frame and collectively let out a sigh of relief. *Sigh*. It already felt more open! Then we added the trim back and you can’t even tell that it wasn’t always like that. BUT we forgot to get a picture of what it actually looks like afterwards so basically this whole part of the post is pointless. #oops #whyarewesobadatthis 

Then at the beginning of last week the kitchen looked like this after we tore down our nasty asbestos ceiling:

  But after a few blood, sweat, and tears and more tears it now currently looks like this:


ITSN’T IT BEAUTIFUL?! Okay just kidding but a major improvement. Same goes for the hall bath:  

Ta da!


We demoed the entire room and poured concrete where the tiled went past the floor so now all there is left to do is rebuild. We are officially finished with demo throughout the whole house! 

Next we started working on the lighting in the living room and kitchen. The living room currently has no overhead lighting which is a big no-no. We like the look of lamps anyway to create a cozier feeling but sometimes you just need a bright-lit space so we went with six recessed lights in the living room:

  And six in the kitchen:

  We have them positioned how we want them in the hallway, hall bath, and guest bath, but that is another battle for another day. Is that a saying? 

And then finally I think we actually decided on a paint color for the exterior. We know we are doing a black metal roof and we wanted a color that would pop yet still feel classic and clean. We settled on White Dove by Benjamin Moore. 



It’s a solid white that is warm and not so stark which is what we wanted to avoid. We love the way it looks next to the brick walkway and porch. And once we get a new door and roof it will look 1000 times better because right now it actually kind of looks bland. Well, in photos. In person it’s very charming and, well, classic looking.


Of course only just that section of the entire house is painted but you get the idea, minus the roof and the windows. Ah, the roof! We can’t wait for the new roof! It should be in by the middle of this week and the windows should be going in shortly after that. Basically two things that are going to radically change the appearance of our mid century ranch entirely. That, and once we finishing painting, of course. Give us time, it takes us forever to make our minds up on pretty much everything. Nobody’s perfect okay? 


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