New Roof & Paint

We promised an updated paint post in last week’s post and we also had a new roof put on the house so we thought why not kill two birds with one stone and knock them both out in one post?

To start off, the road to completion of the roof was rocky. You’ll remember the old roof looking like this:   It was pretty nasty and rusted and while we didn’t mind the color that much, we wanted an entirely different feel for the house. A fresh start, if you will. So after getting quotes from about four different roofers and one of them actually not showing up for the job twice, we finally settled on a guy who said he could do it for us. 

However, things did not go according to plan. We don’t want to get into it too much since it is in the past and we have mostly put it behind us, but man, was it a rough few weeks getting that baby on and, more importantly, on right. Feeling ~blessed~ to be past that point in the reno.

We went with a black metal roof as we felt  you can’t go wrong with black (it goes with everything, right?) and like we said earlier, we wanted a totally different feel for the house.   We are happy with the end result and feel it gives us the look we were going for. As for the paint color, you guys remember all of those colors we painted the house before settling on the one? There was white, grey, taupe, and a creamy color.  Now, there’s just one and it’s called Nantucket Gray by Benjamin Moore.

 We are relieved to finally have chosen a color because we were honestly getting so tired of painting the front of the house a color, loving it, then two days later questioning it until we talked ourselves out of it. It’s kind of perfect because one of us wanted more of a green while the other wanted more of a gray and the great thing about this color is that in some lights it looks like a light green and in others a very subtle gray.


It’s a funny color. If you held an obvious shade of green up next to it, it would no doubt look gray. At the same time, if you held a shade of gray next to it you would say it’s obviously a green colored house. It’s safe to say we found a color we both love and feel happy with. We installed a new light by the (soon to be replaced) front door that we got heavily discounted at Lowes. It’s a classic black and feels sophisticated to us so it was a no brainier. Cheap AND sophisticated? What more could you want šŸ˜‚. 

We also plan to make shutters for each of the windows and paint those black as well for an overall classic and hopefully never-go-out-of-style look. 

Stay tuned! 


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