Kitchen Floor

After much debate we have chosen the flooring in the kitchen! The choices were hardwood and a faux brick tile. 

The hardwood was the safe, classic choice that will always be in style. The brick-looking tile would be different and fun, a conversation piece, if you will. 

We went back and forth for weeks on which one we would prefer which was torture because if you know us than you know we are the most indecisive people alive.

So in the end we went with……


We chose 2 1/4 X 3/4 unfinished red oak select grade hardwood so that we can sand and stain it to match the rest of the flooring in the other rooms of the house. 

We went with hardwood because we knew we loved the look of it and it would always look good. We were afraid the red-brick tile might not have turned out exactly how we wanted or there was a chance we would’ve grown tired of it. Overall we are jus happy there’s finally an actual floor in there and we feel we made the right decision with the hardwood. Now it’s just a continuous flow from room to room.

Things are moving right along! Every week that passes means we are that much closer to moving in! We have already agreed that once the floors are finished we are moving in, without the kitchen being finished. The sooner we can get our house that we live in now rented out the better. 

We are just getting back from an hour long drive to a nearby town where we purchased our dining room table! We can’t wait to show you guys the deal we got! 

Stay tuned!


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