Two Weeks

Starting with last week and going all the way through the beginning of next week, we have not been able to work on the house. At all.

We have mixed feelings about this. It definitely feels weird not being able to paint something or grout something or even clean something in our new house, as we have every day since June 1st. But at the same time, it’s been such a nice break from all of that. We were feeling overwhelmed and because we were working on it so much it almost felt like we weren’t getting much done, or if we were, it was just such a long and drawn out process. Does that make sense? 

I think all together we are grateful for the break, especially because of the reason for the break. We aren’t allowed to work on the house, and this week won’t even be able to go inside it, because the floors are being refinished! That’s right, it’s finally here! After this week we should be able to move in even without the kitchen being finished! 

Currently all the floors have been sanded and the house looks like this:

There are what looks like permenant dark spots in the master bedroom. We are hoping when they stain it the spots won’t be as noticeable.

Keep your fingers crossed on those for us!


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