Young House Love

If you know us in real life, you know that we are absolutely obsessed with Young House Love. We love their books, blog, YouTube videos, and of course, their house. They were (are?) probably the biggest names in the DIY blogosphere and huge inspirations to us and thousands of others out there. If you haven’t checked out their immensely popular blog, you need to. Like right now. Then come back here and keep reading. 

We have been following these two for years and have used so many of their DIY tips for our own houses. So when we heard they were coming to Nashville on their recent book tour, it was like the heavens aligned and we knew this was our best chance to meet them in person. 

So that’s what we did. And man were we star struck. We went to the Southern Festival of Books in downtown Nashville and bought their new book, Lovable Livable Home before going to their panel and listening to them discuss the details of it/answer questions about what they’re up to these days. 

After the panel, we waited in a long line of folks wanting to meet their DIY inspirations in person, braving the downpour of rain that was making the book festival close up shop a lot earlier then originally planned. When it was our turn to finally meet them, we’ll admit we were nervous and again, quite star struck. 

They were so nice and made it seem like we had known them forever. They were welcoming and thanked us for coming out to see them, with John saying it’s nice to have more guys at the events since it’s usually just a bunch of women dragging their husbands along. We told them how much they have inspired us and how long we’ve been following them and they seemed genuinely appreciative. And then randomly we also asked them how their microwave in their pantry was holding up, as we are probably going to do the same thing in our kitchen to free up much needed counter space. And in case you were wondering, they said it’s working out great for them and they still love the setup. 🙂

And just to make sure this wasn’t a dream, we got a picture with them to cement this book signing as a defining moment in our DIY journey. Don’t judge.

After we left and posted that picture above on Instagram, we were even more in awe when THEY COMMENTED ON IT. WHAT.

After we looked at the hashtag #younghouselovebooktour we came down from cloud nine when we saw they commented something similar on everyone who put that hashtag on their picture, but it was still pretty amazing that they took the time to comment on the pictures in the first place. YHL, if you ever read this, thank you, thank you, thank you, for making our DIY dreams come true. Seriously.  We are only half kidding with that statement btw. Again, ~don’t judge~. 

In other non-YHL news, we made a very important trip downtown on Friday before we headed to Nashville. We can’t wait to share what it was for with you guys!!


One thought on “Young House Love

  1. yhlmoodboards says:

    Aaaand thank you for capturing the hilarious and amazing backdrop for our talk. The picture we took (sans us in the seats) did not do it justice. It looked like we were trying to pass some sort of bill for congress or something. Ha!

    -John (& Sherry)


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