This Weekend

WE MOVED IN THIS WEEKEND YOU GUYS. That’s right, we spent the entire weekend moving into the house that we have spent five months renovating day and night. We may not have a kitchen and only 2 out of 3 bathroom are currently functioning, but the point is that we’re IN!

The majority of the weekend was spent finishing packing up our old house for the family we are renting it out to move in which was not bittersweet in the least. We couldn’t wait to be in the new house!

We bought some new lamps at Target that we are pretty obsessed with. They’re the new ones from the Threshold collection and we love how simple and elegant they are.

We bought two for the bookcase in the living room. We still need SO much and our house is basically just one big box of stuff scattered around but the point is that we are finally in and spending the night and waking up and getting ready for the day in our house that has honestly stolen our hearts. It feels good to be here.

Our new couches are coming in Tuesday. We were originally going with the IKEA Ektorp sofas in khaki but we found some we liked equally as much that are a lot better quality. Oddly enough, we found them at Rooms To Go, which is somewhere we never thought we would go with. They are the Cindy Crawford beachside collection. 

They’re a little pricier, but the cushions are so much thicker! And they come with this whole three hear warranty thing that’s great so yeah there’s that too.

P.S. Young House Love has us freaking out again because they used two of our pictures on their book tour page. Is this real life? 


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