Two Weeks In

and what a crazy two weeks it has been! it seems like we were waiting forever to move in and get situated but now that it is here it has honestly flown by. we have spent the last two weeks deciding where we want to put things and making this place feel more like home.

we have also been waiting for our kitchen to be built because we have been living without one for the past two weeks. yup, doing our dishes in the bathroom sink and eating out almost every meal. this is the current state of our kitchen:




the cabinet drawers and doors will be put on this week along with the granite so by friday we should have a fully functioning kitchen. our hardware came in this week, though! we went with an antique brass from home depot.


we haven’t chosen a faucet yet but we will keep you updated on that. moving on, while a lot of our time has been spent unpacking and putting everything in its place, most of it has been spent with friends and family coming over to see our new place and lots and lots of this:


Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset

we’ve never had a fireplace before, let alone a real wood-burning one! we are soaking up this dreary fall weather we’ve been having lately by making a fire almost every night. the dogs have also been loving the new house and all of the land that comes with it. can you spot a certain bean in the photo below?

we almost forgot to tell you! we got an amazing deal on this antique dresser that we bought at a yard sale a few weeks ago. we were going to use it in our bedroom but we decided it was a great size to put the tv on in the living room. we will show you guys the whole layout of each room once we update the home tour page. we plan on doing that once the kitchen is finished. in the meantime, this is about the extent of how much we have decorated:

this past weekend we finished painting trim (inside and out), hanging frames and mirrors, and ironing and sewing all of the curtains thanks to our friend lindsey who is completely talented with a sewing machine. thanks again, lindsey!

we will keep you posted on the house tour once the kitchen is finished, so y’all don’t be strangers!


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